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Biograd Boat Show & CCE 2022

During the days 25 to 29 of October 2022, B.C.A.A was a part of the Biograd Boat Show & Croatia Charter Expo with a stand & a lot of meetings.

Zagreb 2021

During the days 9 to 12 of November 2021, B.C.A.A was a part of the MMK summit and hold lectures, had city tours and meetings together ...

Biograd Boat Show 2021

A huge success for B.C.A.A that had their first congress and a stand at the exhibition during the period 20 to 22 of october 2021



Looking forward to welcoming you on board!

As travel within Greece opens up and restrictions are being lifted, we are excited to travel you again to your favorite Greek destinations.

As of May 14th, travel within Greece is permitted again, with some restrictions when it comes to travel to the Greek islands.

More specifically, if you wish to travel to a Greek island you are obliged to have one of the following:

- A negative PCR molecular test result from a laboratory; the test must be taken up to 72 hours before entry.

- A vaccination certificate issued by a certified authority.

- A certificate of recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection issued by a public authority or a certified laboratory.

- A certificate of a positive PCR molecular test result, confirming that the holder recovered from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection,
performed at least 2 months before arrival, and no later than 9 months before arrival.


Goodbye Sedna ...
Welcome NauSys ...

This is the message that was presented towards all agencies by today. What we still do not know is if Dream Yacht Charter bought NauSys or not, etc ... more info and updates is to be find in our fb-group
Dear Partners,

Today, May 10, 2021, we have been astonished to learn by the charter market that Dream Yacht Charter has decided to switch towards Nausys system.

This decision has been communicated to the market without any information to Sedna.

We deeply regret this serious breach by Dream Yacht Charter of its obligations under its contract with SEDNA. Whilst client service is and will always remain our top priority, at the moment we have no choice but to suspend Dream Yacht Charter access, until it clarifies its position and intentions.

We are very sorry for this situation and any inconvenience it may create but please bear in mind that the SEDNA System otherwise remains fully operational. We will keep you informed and in the meantime we remain at your disposal to provide any assistance you may require.

Eric Ahuir
Managing Director

Düsseldorf Boot ???


boot Düsseldorf expected to push back to late April

Rumours swirling around the industry of yet another boat show postponement have not been shut down by the team at boot Düsseldorf which yesterday [1Dec20] told MIN that an ‘announcement of the date for boot Düsseldorf will be published this Thursday’.
As comments go, it doesn’t confirm cancellation of the show’s current published dates (23-31 Jan), but it definitely doesn’t confirm that it’s going ahead either.
An announcement was always due this week, after Petros Michelidakis, boot project director, stated “boot Düsseldorf will give starting signal for successful season in 2021,” at an early November press conference.
This season, boat show organisers have been engaged in mass ring-rounds before cancelling, as evidenced by the situation which MDL and British Marine found themselves just hours prior to their shows opening in Southampton. At least in this instance there is a little more time to take stock, however depressing the news is expected to be.
(article is from Marine Industry News)

- see below some comments about this article from members of the Boat Charter Agency Association ...

Staffan Francke (Swede Charter)
better they just to cancel and forward one year ahead to january 2022 is my opinion. An indoor boatshow in late april in the middle of Germany can hardly be of any major interrest for anyone ...
Joszef Toth (Yachtclub 24)
Well I think it is better than nothing, but it definitely not a good date for the market.
Michele Ghillani (Sea Land Yacht Charter)
Not good for charter ...
Nicolo Venturi (Ocean Yachting)
All the in water crewed shows are between april and may. Better than nothing in my opinion.

Göteborg Boat Show will be closed !

- In 1962 this, not the biggest, but a very popular boatshow for people from all of Scandinavia started. It has been a tradition, not only for Swedish people but also for many from Denmark and Norway that you in the first week of february visit the westcoast of Sweden and the boatshow in Göteborg.
For the first time now, in this exhibitions nearly 60 years of history, they today announced that it will be closed in 2021.

What we all now find as their headline at their website is:
Welcome to Båtmässan, 5-13 February 2022!


ICE´20 wasn´t so bad ...

- Many was skeptical when this years biggest B2B meeting ended up in a digital version instead of the standard exhibition concept.
However among the respond we got from our members in B.C.A.A that attended, they gave a positive feedback ...
Maybe this will be more and more common with digital meeting rooms even when todays pandemenic has stopped instead of the exhibitons we visited before ...
It saves a lot of money, yes ... but you loose the personal contacts and the "unexpected" meetings that many times been the very best contact for the future when you go back to your office ...
Time will tell, what it will be for the future ...
See below some positive comments from our members.

Iiro Suksi (Mizzen)
Had some 50 meetings during fri-sat. Good experience, 😊nice discussion, new contacts, learned a lot. I think ICE staff has done their job well in these circumstances, when no other option was available. Saved also money when travelling was not needed. I think nobody has it too much these days😉
Anne de Vries (Tubber)
Great meetings and positive mindset!
Patricia van Steen (Anuras Yacht Chartert)
same here 😀

(and with that comment Patricia refer to
Anne de Vries commment)

Brokers do not understand NauSys new layout ???

- Yesterday, the booking platform NauSys was down for several hours. During the "shut-down" brokers could not send offers or manage their bookings already made.
But they had all been informed in advance by e-mail from NauSys that it would be closed for a while and later they all could see the new layout that NauSys technicans had designed.
Many brokers however find the "NEW" NauSys difficult to work with, but mr Bojan Simic (NauSys representative) have now told all to calm down, and send their suggestions of improvement to the support.
All seems to agree that it now is a better "optically" view, but that it has been harder to make proper offers towards clients in the usual way.
(story may be updated ....)

Some comments from brokers about the "new" nausys.
Staffan Francke (Swede Charter)
Yes, what do you say about this Bojan Šimić ? I neither liked this new version

Kate Ioannidou (Sailchecker)
"Yes, and I can say that I've found it worse than the previous version so far.

Not even the dates. When I first picked a date, it just used a random one, and I had to re-enter it. Glad I noticed before I sent the offer to the client.
Elpida Barbaresou (Yacht4Less)
"that's exactly what I thought when I had a look last night! Currently using it and discovering how it works.. perhaps we are not used to it yet, but indeed, so far it seems like it's not the best when it comes to functionality and UI. I think we should all forward comments to Nausys via email for improvement.
Jozsef Toth (Yachtclub 24)
I could not login. I have asked the support to help me, but I did not get any response till now 🙁

Finaly I could manage to log in. Well I do not know yet. I need a little time to see and understand the differences.
Alexandra Hofinger (Hofinger Yachtcharter)
Although the look has improved a bit, the handling is a disaster. You have to enter everything yourself. Nothing opens automatically, e.g. there is no selection function.
Wouldn't it make sense if I could enter the number of cabins when choosing a date?
Bora Inceören (Argos Yachtcharter)
There are some good improvements. But notably i dislike that most field should be dropdowns with autocomplete..instead now you have to guess and start typing...
Nausys respond
Bojan Simic (NauSys)
Hi everyone, all your comments are more than welcome to, please try to specify your suggestions as much as you can and we will do our best to fit them.
We are working on it.